If you'd like to buy a decent and customized Singapore rubber stamp manufacturer to process your request of self-inking stamps quickly but wouldn't want to compromise efficiency in almost every way, then you've landed in the right spot. In this article, we'll go through some major corporations that offer the best and cheapest rubber stamps in Singapore. 

They could deliver or dispatch the self-inking rubber stamps to you regardless of whether you're in Singapore, whether you're in the Woodlands, Tampines, Tanjong East/West, or perhaps even Punggol!! 

Hence to buy a good self ink stamp in Singapore at a low price, here is what you should do 

Limited edition stamps, first-day wraps, and other back to paper discounts are available for purchase on Singapore Post's, otherwise known as SingPost online store, which is operated by Singapore (SG's) official Municipal Postal licensee. However, if you need them right away, go to SingPost's post offices or one of the approved postal services mentioned. 

Digitally printed stickers could also be purchased at every time of the day or several of the nearly 300 self-service advanced machinery (SAM) booths located across Singapore, including shopping centers, MRT platforms, as well as other reasonable prices. 

Visit SingPost's first Philatelic Store just at the General Post Office (GPO) for such a variety of international seals, memorial versions, as well as other unique stamp sets. It was founded in October 2017 and serves as the corporation's one-stop-shop for any antiquities merchandise. 

Clients could also get stamps from some of the village's nearly 300 approved merchants, but you will have to ask around through the nabe or go to the mini-marts since SingPost doesn't even have a comprehensive list of all these suppliers. 

How to locate a post office for a cheap rubber stamp 

Use the search feature on the SingPost library to check the nearest post office to you. If you'd like or need more assistance, you could use its online/live messaging platform. 

If you want to know where all these post offices and post companies are while you're out and traveling, you can use the SingPost mobile application accessible on the Google Play Store And Apple stores. 

Other places to get a good self ink stamp in Singapore with a low price 

At Kiasu Printing & Rubber Stamp Maker Pte Ltd, you'll find a wide range of designs to choose from, all at reasonable prices. If you already have relevant documents, their pre-made ink / self inking stamp with such a simple representation of correctly rendered company names and their unique organization number are the ideal choice to customize. It would not only lend legitimacy to the agreement, but it would also make it easier to verify the validity of current agreements and the like. 

Run a company that requires you to review and approve several documents during the day. You'll save a lot of time and effort by being able to obtain even more authorizations in a shorter time. 


With the two giant companies that provide very affordable self ink stamps in Singapore, as mentioned in this post, I believe that you can make the right choice and hence be able to buy a good self ink stamp in Singapore at a low price.