Social media, a widely used word. It's clear to everyone what it means. But few know how to really deal with it. You have many possibilities to show yourself on the internet or to publish other things.

Therefore, here are 4 tips on how to behave best in the field of social media or shows. What it might come down to.

1. Content is Still King

As trite as the phrase is, content is still the most important thing to the success of social media posts. Keep in mind that millions of pieces of content are published on the internet every day. So your target audiences have millions of choices every day. Why should they read your content in particular?

Relevant content is the CREDIT in the social media world.

Creating quality content that is highly relevant to your target audience is the foundation of your social media marketing success. Only relevant and valuable content (e.g. content that helps or entertains) will be liked and shared. So be sure to only share content that is most relevant to your community.

Social media is not a free advertising channel. The emancipated social community is looking for valuable content and is not very tolerant of too much self-promotion. Make sure you strike the right balance between promotional content and personal interaction. Always place your promotional content for your products and services in the context of useful and valuable information. The better you know your target audience, the better your post will attract the attention of your target readers. The added value for your readers will make your posts memorable.

2. Use Images and Videos for Your Content

90% of the information our brain processes is visual. Visual content gets more likes, shares and comments than text-only messages. Visual information stays in memory over 65% longer and people are over 6x more likely to remember graphics than text or audio-only information. So visual content in social media posts can generate additional reach and drive more traffic to your blog or website.

4. Use Hashtags and Hashflags

Most social networks now use hashtags to categorize social media content and make it easier for users to find appropriate posts on a particular topic. For social media communication, hashtags are important parameters to turn your posts into searchable content. They also serve to link your posts to current discussions and streams (trending hashtags). If you use hashtags in your public posts, anyone searching for that hashtag can find your post.

However, hashtags don't work equally well on all social networks. They work well for Twitter and Instagram, but they don't resonate as much on LinkedIn and Facebook.

But how well hashtags work can also depend on the number of hashtags used. Studies show that tweets with more than two hashtags get less interaction. The results are similar for Facebook hashtags. On Instagram, on the other hand, the more hashtags the more interaction. This strategy works at least for up to 10 hashtags. Instagram posts with more than 10 hashtags run the risk of losing some of that engagement.

Thoughtful use of strategically selected hashtags can have a significant impact on the visibility and reach of your social media posts.

I hope I was able to make you aware of how best to use social media. And how best to go about it next time.