How You Can Create a Good Logo That Lasts a Long Time


Having a decent logo is undoubtedly a very important part of the business. Without it, you won't be able to make your mark in the industry or market. Without a strong presence, it will be difficult to get customers. In the end, your brand will not be able to profit the way you want it to be.

So, before you jump ahead and plan other things for your business, you can start off by thinking about the logo first.

If it is your first time making a logo, this article will guide you with the tips and basics of logo design in Singapore.


1. Show, don't tell

Show it, don't just tell what the logo is all about. A logo must be able to represent your brand, including its values, mission, vision, and story with the logo. Use simple icons or shapes for your logo that can show people all about it without confusing them or giving misleading impressions.


2. Use empty space

A logo must be able to be understood easily. That means visually, it should not be cluttered. In order to do that, do not forget to leave some empty space in your logo instead of adding too many design elements to it. A minimalistic design has been the preferred style these days as it is also easier to use on various mediums, including print.


3. Make mock-up

Use mock-ups with your logo to see how they will appear when you use the logo on various items. This can give you an idea of whether or not the logo design is good and versatile enough. If they don't seem to fit a lot of uses, then you can try making it more simplistic.


4. Choose the right colours

The use of colours can definitely affect how people see your brand. That is why the choice of shades for your logo is very crucial. This colour should represent your brand and create the impression or image that you want. If your brand is dynamic and energetic, try to go for bright and vivid colours like yellow, red, or others. But if for example, your company is more formal or serious, then darker or monochromatic colours might be suitable.


5. Prepare for changes and adapt to them

The market changes every now and then, including trends as well. As a company or a brand, you must always be prepared for it and adapt to the changes, including changing how your brand looks. The biggest brands out there who have survived for years and years of business have done this. This is done in order to be able to remain competitive in the market and cater to emerging customers. But keep the key elements of your logo, such as your brand colour, brand font, and so on. That way, your old customers will still be able to find and spot your products easily.


So, those are the five things that you must remember when you are trying to create a good logo. Good luck with it, hopefully, you will get the best logo for your brand or company.