Time is the most valuable resource nowadays. And while days cannot be extended, it is possible to save time by improving your productivity. As such, in this article, we will be exploring nine tips that can help you improve your productivity and save time.

  1. Be organized

Did you know that it is better to start your day with the most complicated tasks? That’s when your concentration is best. On the contrary, at the end of the day, you will tend to be tired and therefore less productive. Enjoy the quiet morning to organize your day. Plan for it by anticipating and avoiding distractions. Interruption is the enemy of productivity. Do not hesitate to isolate yourself when a task requires full concentration.

Your ability to concentrate is limited, but all the chances on your side. Plan your day precisely. Break up your major tasks into sub-tasks. Use and abuse the tools at your disposal such as the «to-do list», a notebook, and a pen will also do the trick.

  1. Regular breaks improve productivity

What is the ideal work/break time distribution? According to the Draugiem Group, the most productive people have work sequences of 52 minutes on average followed by 17 minutes of pauses. If it is impossible to find a consensus on the ideal work/break frequency, the virtues of a break in your work are no longer to be demonstrated.

Taking a break allows your brain to disconnect and rest so it can fully focus on a new task again. And yes… You will be more productive working 3 sessions of 50 minutes with 10 minutes breaks than working 3 hours nonstop.

  1. Embracing a balanced lifestyle

Sleep, exercise, and what you eat contribute to your overall productivity. It is of crucial importance to sleep well, so you can be fully energetic during the day. It is also important to eat healthily. It is highly recommended that you eat balanced and healthy food, if you do not eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day, you will immediately feel the negative effects on your productivity.

Exercising is a great way to unwind and let go. Exercising early in the morning or after work,

will allow your body to stay in shape and greatly improve your productivity.

  1. Avoid notifications

If the interruption is the enemy of productivity, its major source is undoubtedly your smartphone. You can avoid being interrupted by constant notifications, by following these tips:

  • Remove unnecessary notifications, you don’t need to receive notifications from 10 different media outlets that will provide the same news.
  • Put your laptop and smartphone on silent (this is valid for your productivity and also for your survival in open spaces).
  • Turn off notifications-intensive applications (Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Business emails are also a scourge for your productivity. Stop checking your emails 15 times a day. Set aside two times in your day (late morning and late day) to view/reply to your emails –If there is a real emergency, a call or a slack text will let you know.