Preservation of stamps enable the stamps to last longer. Storing stamps efficiently helps you to apply them in an effective way. This post tells you how to care for and store rubber stamps. Stamps have 2 formats which are unmounted sheets or wooden blocks. The sheets can move up, painted at the back with an adhesive or mounted on a repositionable foam. 

Caring for Stamps 

Avoid washing a mounted stamp on a tap, this can make the rubber to come off its cushion. Nevertheless if the rubber comes off, add the image to it with a rubber solution glue. 

Do not leave the rubber stamp in the sun. It will spoil the rubber stamp.  

Cleaning the Stamps 

Use stamp cleaning mats to clean them. Wet the stamps under the tap and use them over and over. Use a kitchen towel to dry it off. 

You can use alcohol free baby wipes to clean your hands, stamps and remove the inks from the stamp handle. Blot it off using kitchen towel. 

Use an old toothbrush to clean ink-clogged and filthy stamps, using a stamp cleaner or plain water. Rinse it off using a damp roll to wipe it off, or an old towel or damp flannel. Dry it with a kitchen roll. A cleaner like ' Staz-On cleaner' can remove such ink bind-up. Finish up by wiping it with a damp kitchen roll. Rubber Stamp made with polymers might get sticky when you finish cleaning them. Dust it up using baby powder. 

Storing Mounted Rubber Stamps 

Store the stamps with the rubber facing down and flat. The stamps could be standing on an edge. Avoid throwing the stamps to a pile where there is distortion of the rubber by other stamps pressing on it. This can scratch its surface. 

Do not store them in wine baskets. This is to avoid damages. 

Keep the large ones under and make sure that the rubber has support. You can use pizza boxes for storing the stamps. It should not exceed 2 or 3 on each other. Avoid excessive weight under the bottom layer. 

Storing block stamps might be difficult. Check out the option for cardboard boxes or deep drainers which you can store on a shelf. Use an old box that has detergent tablets to store the stamps. You can fasten its Velero tabs. You can paint the box if you want another colour for it. 

Storing Unmounted Stamps 

Unmounted stamps occupy less space. Keep the handles inside a draw. 

Storing Without Adhesive 

If you are storing without an adhesive, wash it off when you clean it. Stamp this image in front of the envelope and tuck the stamp inside. Store it upright using a card file box. 

Storing it With Adhesive 

This will make its back sticky. Stick with an index sheet at the back towards the front of the sheets, to identify and store with a binder. You can peel away the protective layer with a photo album. The index sheet should be placed below the protective sheet, make it smooth and stick the stamps in front. Avoid too many stamps for each binder.