A company chop is basically a rubber stamp that is widely used by a company to certify certain documents. Company chop is one of the most necessary items needed by a company in many parts of the world. Its importance is due to its flexibility and practical use to sign documents. Company chop usually contains the company’s logo, company’s name, as well as its registration number. 

There are many types of company chop or rubber stamp in the market. Each of the stamps has its own pros and cons. Some of them are self-inking stamps, pre-inked stamps, and traditional stamps. In this article, we will show you the difference between the three types and their distinct features. 

1. Self-Inking Stamp 

Just like its name, a self-inking stamp is a rubber stamp that can refill its own ink. It has a built-in feature that allows it to re-ink itself whenever it is used. This stamp is perfect for rapid stamping since you don’t have to re-ink the stamp every time it dries out. However, the downside of the self-inking stamp is that compared to another type of stamp, clarity is not guaranteed. On top of that, a self-inking stamp is usually easy to be washed off by water since it doesn’t use oil-based ink. Oil-based ink is known for its durability and its waterproof quality. This type of stamp is best for stamping large quantities of documents. 

2. Pre-Inked Stamp 

Similar to a self-inking stamp, a pre-inked stamp also doesn’t require a separate ink pad. The ink vessel is built-in onto the stamp. The difference between a self-inking stamp and a pre-inked stamp lies in its type of ink. While the self-inking stamp uses water-based ink, the pre-inked stamp uses oil-based ink. Because of that, the pre-inked stamp is more durable than a self-inking stamp. However, the ink might bleed into your document because of its oil-based nature. To use the stamp, you only have to press down the stamp and the ink will flow through the ink reservoir inside of the stamp. You have to re-ink the stamp every now and then. This type of stamp is best for branding purposes since it produces the cleanest and overall, the best impression among other types. 

3. Traditional Stamp 

Traditional stamp requires a separate ink pad. As traditional stamp doesn’t have a built-in ink pad or ink-reservoir like self-inking stamp and pre-inked stamp, you need an ink pad to ink your stamp every time you make an impression. This is generally the cheapest type of stamp. It also has its own pros, which is we can easily use different ink to colour on surfaces. If you need a stamp for a craft that requires a lot of colours, a traditional stamp might be the best choice for you. The drawback of this stamp is that it takes a lot of space. It can be quite messy as well since the stamp is not covered after usage. 

Those are three different types of company chop or rubber stamp. Make sure you know what you want and choose the best alternative between the three stamps before you order yours at company chop in Singapore!