A sticker is a piece of paper or other materials with pressure adhesive on one side, while the other side is generally designed. Sticker is still a mainstay in business as it provides a great way to communicate your business to the mass. Sticker is also effective in raising brand awareness. Depending on the situation, the sticker can be used for a decorative purpose or even other functional purposes like promotion. 

There are many types of a sticker in the world. Primarily, there are three types of the sticker: roll sticker, cut-to-size sticker, and sheet sticker. Each of the sticker types has its own benefits. You have to weigh in your sticker purposes before choosing what type of sticker to use and buy at sticker in Singapore. 

Are you still confused about how to choose between roll stickers, cut-to-size stickers, and sheet stickers? Worry not, we will explain the differences between them and their usage in this article. 

1. Roll Stickers 

As the name suggests, roll stickers are stickers that are made on a continuous liner and wrap around a cardboard spool. The huge benefit of roll stickers is their compact nature which doesn’t take up a lot of space. It is also designed to make peeling and placing stickers faster than other types of a sticker. Roll stickers come in all shapes and sizes and most of the time they are compatible with sticker dispensers available at a big factory or company. Roll stickers are best to use for large quantities of products as it is practical and also produce less waste. 

2. Cut-to-Size Stickers 

Cut-to-size stickers or die-cut stickers are a sticker that is precisely cut to one’s specification. For example, if it has a rectangle design then it will be cut precisely to its rectangle shape. The paper backing will also be cut into your shape or design and no extra material backing will be present around your sticker. This allows you to create an intricate, unique, and unorthodox cut pattern. Cut-to-size stickers are perfect for promoting your campaign, business, band, brand, and event.  

3. Sheet Stickers 

Sheet stickers are probably the most popular type of stickers, especially for college students. Sheet stickers are stickers that are printed on a single sheet of paper. The major benefit of sheet stickers is that you can place more than one design on them and place them however you like. They also come in many shapes and paper sizes depending on your specification. Standard sizes include A6, A5, A4, and A3 size, but you can also customize the size of your sheet of paper. Sheet stickers are easy to print at home or your office as you can print them using a regular printer. The downside of this type of sticker is it produces more waste and it’s not recommended for labelling a large number of products. Sheet stickers are best for personal use. 

Those are three types of stickers you can take into consideration when choosing the right type for you. Make sure the type of stickers you choose is perfect for your sticker purpose or you will waste your money and time on the wrong choice.