Are you planning to go on vacation? Are you planning to make your dream home a reality? Or you don't want to think again about which steps must be followed every time you update your Website? Then it would be best if you had checklists.

Checklists make your life easier, relieve you of work, and ensure that everything goes as it should. Here you can find out how and where you can create your checklists. 

In Which Areas do Checklists Help you to Be More Productive? 

They come from a professional environment but also help you save time and energy in your private life. You have probably heard of checklists for aircraft maintenance: They ensure maintenance, take-off, and landing are carried out safely. The concept can be transferred to private and professional areas. What all checklists have in common is that they are 

  • Describe processes optimally for the user 
  • Relieve your brain of decisions 
  • Maintain quality in the process 

Checklists are helpful in private and business areas to guide you efficiently to your goal. Either you have already described the process optimally, or others have done it before you and provided you with their experiences. 

With a few exceptions, checklists are highly individual. You can use templates, but you should adapt them to your needs. That's why I'm going to show you here how and where to create your checklists. 

What Do You Need Checklists For? 

The reasons for this are different. They all have in common that you map an optimized process with a checklist and ensure that nothing important is forgotten. Your shopping list for this promotion, so to speak: Everything is on it! Checklists have many advantages, depending on the area of ​​application. 

One-Time Checklists 

Especially when essential things such as buying a house, wedding, or starting a business, it is necessary to record all the steps in a checklist in advance.  

Ready-made lists that you can find all over the internet are most likely to help, as many of the steps you will take on the way to your goal are legally prescribed or simply best practices. You will certainly add your points to these finished lists. Even if the GmbH checklist probably only contains the legal steps, as a start-up, you can also do things like 

  • Have your corporate design created 
  • Rent an office 
  • Fill out your XING profile 

Add. However, the completed checklists are a good starting point for adequately addressing one-off events. 

Christmas is Once a Year! But Every Year. 

Why do we plan a predictable date like Christmas, the association's annual meeting, or the company outing every year? It's better to make a checklist that contains the essential steps: 

Who has to be invited? 

What has to be ordered or reserved? 

When does the process start? 

And in what order should that be done? 

Here, too, you can safely fall back on ready-made lists and reformulate and expand them according to your needs. Or maybe delete a few points that do not apply to you.