In the first-time meeting someone new, most people try their best to make a good impression. But have you ever wondered why people want to make a good impression when they meet someone new? And do first impressions matter? 

Can you imagine how your new friend would react and think if at the first meeting you speak in a high tone like an angry person to them? They will think that you have a high temper and maybe they will avoid talking to you the next time. That's one example of how important a first impression is.  

Well, after talking about how important the first impression is when we meet someone new, then we can talk about how important the first impression is in a business. 

The customer's first impression of the business is absolutely crucial! Why? Because that will determine what the customer will do next.  

Let's take a look at an example. So, your customers meet your brand for the first time on social media ads. They see that your ad is full of colours, unique, with an amazing and professional design that catch their eyes. What might your customers do after that? They will most likely click on the ad to find out more about your brand or offers! That is an example of how important a first impression is in determining people's perspective and next move.  

One of the things that can build a good impression in a business is design. Want to know how to create a good first impression with design? You can read some of the points below! 

1. Professional Designer Needed!  

Today, there are lots of software and online design platforms that everyone can use in creating a design. Because of that, lots of businesses create their own designs independently and think that a professional designer is unnecessary.  

To create a good impression, a business needs to hire a professional designer. Why? Even though everyone can create their own designs, a professional designer has a deeper understanding and knowledge in conveying messages or ideas in a visual form that can help a business make a good impression.  

2. Knowing Your Target Audience!  

How can you create a good impression without knowing your target audience? That is why it is important to know your target audience before creating a good impression. You can find out what they are interested in or even how to communicate effectively with them. By having information about your target audience, you can use all of the information to create a design that suits your audience to make a good impression. 

3. Identify Where the Potential Customer Will Interact with Your Brand for the First Time? 

Now, let's talk about where your target audience will interact with your brand for the first time. there are many ways in which your audience can discover your brand for the first time. They can visit your business site, see an ad about your brand on the magazine, find your brand on social media, and many other ways. Because of that, make sure everything that can be a medium for the audience to know your brand is well designed. So once people encounter your brand, they can have a good perspective on your business.