The marketing plan is one part of the overall business plan. A marketing plan consists of plans for organizations/companies that are engaged in a business field. Be it a trading or service business, they have a marketing plan. The marketing strategy is one of the contents of the marketing plan. Someone who develops a marketing plan needs to know very well the market conditions based on the best information they have. Besides, other things need to be known, namely as follows. 

1. Analyse the Situation 

If you are going to create a marketing plan, you first need to analyse market conditions. As mentioned earlier, market conditions can change dynamically. It needs updated data that can be obtained from various online and offline sources. You can also conduct your own research, be it in the form of questionnaires, interviews, journals, trend forecasts, and so on. This is done so that you get a big picture of how you will release the product/services. Innovations in the products and services that you will sell also play an important role in your sales success. 

2. Define Who's Your Consumer 

Determination of target consumers is a very important stage. You will certainly don't want to miss this step. Deciding what product and determining the type of consumer can be done simultaneously. For example, if you have an idea to make Bluetooth headphones, it is quite common for you to think that your target audience consists of people ranging in age from teenagers to adults. Let say around 18 years old to 40 + years old. The use of materials and branding that you do will also affect how your product is perceived by others. Be it a luxury product or a general product. Whether it's a luxury product or not, you need to maintain the quality of the product. This is because it relates to your future reputation. 

3. Use SMART Criteria 

Are you familiar with the SMART criteria? Yes, SMART is an abbreviation for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Bound. This means you need to create a marketing plan that fits these criteria. A smart marketing plan will give you a solid foundation on how to conduct a real-world business. Competing is no easy work, but when you have a solid plan, you will certainly find a way. 

4. Well-Prepared Tactics 

This is arguably the heart of a marketing plan. A good tactic takes into account the timing and strategy of competitors. Usually, there is a quarter, semester, or even yearly measure that you can use to determine the release date for your product/service. Forecasting on demand is also needed to determine consumer behaviour. When planning, you must create an innovation that will provide a refresher on a competition. 

5. Budgeting 

Budgeting a marketing plan, one of which is a campaign through advertising in online and offline media. If the business has just started, of course, you want to use the minimum possible funds, but with the maximum possible output. This can be achieved with the right budgeting. Need good synergy between interested parties in making a marketing plan.