How to Create Homemade Postcard: Part 2


Decorate your postcard

You can add some clip art, photos, or stickers to make your postcard more appealing. A postcard has two sides, so you have a lot of space for your creativity. You can put more artistic decorations on the first side and fewer decorations on the other side because you need space to write the message. You can put a little icon on the edge of the space where you write the message, so it looks less empty.


Finally, print your postcard

There is some option in this step. If you have a proper printer that can print thick paper, you can use it. Set the printer to print with a high-quality sharp image. But if you don’t have this type of printer, no need to worry. Many printing services can print your postcards. Find printing services in the Singapore area with good quality and cheap prices.


Now you can use your postcards. Write down your message and your friends' address then send it to them. Make them see your stunning original postcard. This is a great option for you who want to impress your friends with handmade stuff. Or if you make postcards just for your own collection, that’s also nice. Put it on your box with other cool stuff or display it in your room. Save your money because you don’t have to buy a postcard anymore. Now you can make it at home. Follow these steps and show your creativity!