Perhaps this is a new thing to you too. Having a name card album never crossed my mind until I came across the idea some time back. Well, it is proper to have one. One may wonder why you should get yourself a name card album. Below are some of the reasons why you should. 


It is always good to have a variety at your disposal. Remember you will be dealing with different groups of people when issuing your card. These people come with diversity and appreciate varying levels of creativity. As a name card holder, you could have an album with different details captured on your cards. 

For business targets, you could have a unique design for them. If you’re applying for a job, you could have a different one. All the different cards will also have different calls for action. This variety allows your cards to be more effective. 

Easy to Distribute 

Having one or two cards’ copies makes it a challenge to distribute. Remember you have a specific call for action on each card. If you are talking to someone and the call for action does not suit what they offer, it could be have to give them a card. An album on the other hand will allow you get a copy of that specific call for action. That will increase the effectiveness of your cards. 


Some people prefer having your contacts only. Others like potential employers may need your email and portfolio of your previous works. Your cards should have this information to make you more visible. Visibility makes you available for selection by the relevant when there’s an opportunity for you. Having a name card album will go a long way in getting these opportunities close to you. 

How to Make a Name Card Album 

Get a Designer 

There are many professional namecard designer in singapore that you can choose from. The cost of designing a namecard in singapore is usually very affordable without comprimising on quality.

Get a Variety of Designs to Choose From 

This is a whole project. Let the designer give you several sample options. Once you have a number, you may reduce them to a considerate number of designs you wish to have. Please settle for the best designs. 

Print a Number and Sort Them Out 

Once the designs are ready for printing, have a number ready for distribution. You can print as many as you can but only walk around with a few reasonable numbers. That will make it easy to distribute them and not have a baggage while walking around. 


You need a name card album. It is important so as to have a better conversion rate. A name card album also helps you stay visible and gives you the freedom to stand out among other candidates as far as opportunities are concerned.