To personalize the design of your website and make it look completely different, there's nothing like changing the background. The SiteW technical team has developed whole new possibilities to apply to the design of your website. You'll be able to activate all of these new options with just a click of checking a box! 

SiteW now offers you the possibility to add special effects to the background of your site: Image, Parallax Images, Video, Texture, Solid Colour, Gradient. You can add these options to the background page of your website so that the background is uniform, or you can choose a different background for each page or some of them. 

How Do I Activate the Page Background Customization Options? 

• Go to the background page or to the page to modify 

• Click on the Design tab, then click on the Page background button 

• Check the box corresponding to the desired effect 

• Change the settings 

Adding A Background Image 

After checking the Image box, choose your image in the SiteW file manager. You can load an image from your computer or search the free and royalty-free image banks available. For a better result, consider using a photo of sufficient quality (ideally 1000 to 2000px). 

Adding a Texture 

Check the Texture box and choose a small repeatable image that will allow you to create a pattern. 

Adding A Colour 

For a solid background, check the Colour box and easily select your background using the colour selection tool. If you know the exact colour you want, you can also directly enter its hexadecimal code. 

Adding a Gradient Background 

Check the Gradient box, then choose the type of gradient you want from the drop-down menu: vertical, horizontal, or radial. 

You can, just below, choose the colours of your gradient. Click on the coloured squares to choose the colours, using the colour selector or, again, entering the HTML code for the desired colour. 

You can add as many colour points as you want by clicking on the gradient bar and thus create a multi-coloured gradient. You can also adjust the proportions of each colour in your gradient, simply by dragging the colour points you have created along the gradient bar, with your mouse. 

The Animated Slowly box will allow you to activate the animation option and give a smooth and aesthetic movement to your gradient. This effect can be tested by the Discovery formulas on the site builder, but is only active on Premium or Pro sites. You can also create effects of transitions between pages 

Adding One Or More Parallax Images 

This option allows you to add background image (s) that scroll slightly slower than the content of the site to create an impressive 3D effect. If you choose a single image, it will scroll very slowly as you read the page. 

The Parallax background can be tested by Discovery plans on the site builder, but is only active on Premium or Pro sites. 

Adding a Video 

Choose a video from the videos available on YouTube or Dailymotion. Favour slow and abstract videos, such as graphic animations, landscapes or blurry videos. 

The Video background can be tested by the Discovery plans on the site builder, but is only active on Premium or Pro sites. 

You now have all the assets to create a fully personalized site with unique and original effects. Do not wait! You can read our guide on how to create a visual identity for your website.