Of course, there will be some words in your company seal, as mentioned above, a company seal comprised of a smaller shape within a bigger circle. So you can put words inside the shape and outside the shape. On the interior, you would put the word “Company Seal” or a description of what kind of company you are running, maybe it is a Corporation, LLCs or Incorporated. You could also put a logo or an icon of your company on it. Then on the exterior, usually you would your full company name and when it was first established.  

You also need to choose of fonts you would put on your company seal. Preferably a font that can be easily seen or you can stick to your company’s font if you have one, complementing the whole aesthetic. 

Finishing touches 

After getting the important details done, now you can add small details to your company stamps. Maybe you want the borders to have dots instead of normal lines or maybe a star in the seal. The possibilities are endless for you to choose from!  

After everything is ready, the next step is to contact the printing company, printing a company seal in Singapore is really easy these days, you can just contact them via WhatsApp and send them the design and the company seal should be done within days.