Why shouldn't your wallpaper make you happy? You look at it all the time, so why shouldn't it? By making your custom wallpaper, you can say goodbye to generic backgrounds. To get the look you want, add your photos and personality. With Canva, creating wallpapers is easy, fast, and enjoyable. There are hundreds of wallpaper and fun sticker printing models to choose from on our website. Alternatively, you can start from scratch by uploading your photos or browsing our library of over 2 million pictures.  

1. To Begin, Open Canva 

Log in or create an account with your Facebook or Google account. Using the Create a design button in the editor, create a new page and check for wallpapers in the search bar. You can either start from scratch or use the search feature to find wallpaper templates.  

2. Look at the Templates  

Choose from a wide range of attractive wallpaper and backdrop designs. Please start with the ideal layout and then customize it even more!  

3. Customize Your Wallpaper 

You may want to make a few changes after you've found the right design. You can edit the text, swap out images, and experiment with various font and color combinations for the perfect backdrop with just a few clicks.  

4. Experiment With Different Design Elements 

You'll find all of the design elements you'll need to make the ideal wallpaper. Millions of free and paid photographs, diagrams, vectors, videos, forms, and more are available to download. Allow your imagination to run wild.  

5. Save and Share It 

When you're satisfied with your wallpaper design, save it as a JPG or PNG file to use on all of your computers. You can also share your work with the world by uploading it directly to your social media profile from Canva.