How to Design a Logo: Part 6

When designing a logo, one should also consider things to watch for, as some of the Don'ts of designing a logo.
The first one is to not be generic. Do not make a logo that can be lost in the market. You should also not design your logo way too literally. If you have a restaurant, then maybe it is time to stop putting a spoon and a fork as your logo, or perhaps you have a cafe, then maybe it is time to use another image than a cup or a mug. 
The second thing is not to design with a trend in mind. Remember, trends come and go, you should not hop into the bandwagon of trends just to catch the attention of the mass for a short period of time. The third thing is to choose a logo that stays true to your brand, therefore, eliminating the need to redesign your logo every few months.
The fourth thing is not to make your logo way too complicated than it already needs. Putting too many words or using too many unnecessary decorations on your logo. A logo should be easy to the eyes and should be versatile. A more complicated logo might be ruined when you want to put it on a printed medium.

So there you go, some tips on how to design a logo for your business, while it seems daunting to make your own logo, considering it will be the face of your company. But with these helpful tips, it should make it easier for you to design your logo. Designing a logo in Singapore is really easy these days, just search it on the internet and you will find it within 5 seconds.