How to Design a Logo: Part 3

It will be much easier for you to make design choices that complement and complete that picture. Let's move on to another tip.

Be unique
Coming up with a new and original design can be challenging, especially in a world where every design seems like has been taken away, so what should you do? Well, we recommend brainstorming with your team, again, a team, not just by yourself, because a one-person brainstorm session would not be effective and it would not create new ideas. Pour out every single idea you have, and then sort them out from best to worst. Also, you should write down the words that your brand to be associated with, therefore it can help you while designing your logo can be perceived by the audiences. Adding a mood board could be helpful because you can gather the visual that you want your logo to be, from colour combinations to text font, from images to other logos that you are drawn to. This could really be helpful when you are really stuck on not finding inspiration. Checking your competitors’ logo could also benefit you because you will know what to avoid, and what to take inspiration from. Perhaps if the market is filled with a red-based logo, then maybe choosing a different colour can differentiate you further from your competitors.

It can be hard designing a logo, If you need a logo designer in Singapore, there are a lot of choices from local logo designers in the country, and nowadays, you can easily find it online. Let's check more tips on the next part of the article.