The moment you realize how important a name tag Is, that is the moment you will take your time to prepare an appealing name tag. While for some it may appear complicated, it is a walk in the park for others. For you, it shouldn’t be the latter's case. There are things you must utilize to make your name card making experience easy. Below are the simple steps and hacks to making a good name card. 

Get a Template 

This is the easiest path through which one can make a name card. A template has everything sorted for you in terms of design. All you have to do is settle for a design that impresses you. finding one can be a hard task to do but is doable. 

The first step in finding a good template is in being clear on what you want to achieve. If you want to make sales then your template should have a call to action segment. If you want to make a name or are trying to build a brand, you may consider including your name and brand deals with a log included. 

Reshape, Resize 

Sizing is critical. Ensure you give your name card the best size for your objective. It is important to do proper research on sizes that work well in your area. An ideal business card should fit well in a wallet or pocket. It should also have a unique shape to stand out. Perhaps the person you’re giving your card has already received plenty of them. Adding him another piece of mediocre card may now force him/her to discard them. With the correct size and shape, he/she will be convinced to retain yours and perhaps get rid of the others if not interested. 

Add Relevant Text 

You have a few numbers of words to create an impact. That is why every word you include in a name card should make a big difference. Some of the things that must be included are such your name, occupation, business name, address, and contacts. You may also add a brief pitch section calling the recipient to action. 

Some people put irrelevant text on name cards. This makes the card too detailed and discourages one to keep it. But, there should be a balance in terms of how much information you put on the card. Remember too little information will also work against you. 

Creative Finishing 

The final outlook of your name card heavily relies on your creativity. The more creative you are the better your card will look like. You can play around with different styles offered by the app you’re using. You should be keen to ensure you do not overdo the creativity aspect making the card reader’s attention divert. 


Designing a appealing name card is easy. Get a free app for name card designs and choose a template for yourself. Include important information about yourself and print your cards ready for distribution.