Names and Decorations 

You can add more visual elements to a card’s design for purely ornamental purposes. In a business event, these could include designs made from elements taken out of the company’s logo, or the logo itself. 

Depending on the event, a title might be needed alongside the name, such as “Award recipient” or “Guest of honor”. Generally, you will want to have this text at a smaller size than the name itself, while still being readable. Making this smaller text an inch tall is a good enough size. 


This is also dependent on what kind of event you are hosting, and the room’s positioning. If the tables are set up around a central stage, an off-centered placement, towards the stage, serves a practical purpose: helping whoever is on the stage easily identifies who is seated where. 

If the room is set up in a more standard arrangement, for events such as weddings, keeping the invitation card printing close to the center, pointed at the entrance, is better for letting guests locate their seating. 

These elements blend together and can make or break a table’s scheme. You should not underestimate the importance of a name card when setting up your event. If you ignore this, you risk your carefully planned event looking chaotic, haphazardly made or even unprofessional.