Adobe is among the best softwares you can use to design name cards. Softwares like Adobe Illustrator help in designing cards more efficiently and faster. This post tells you how to design name cards with Adobe Illustrator.

This will tell you how you can design with a contemporary and fresh look. Name cards can make a good first impression and can function as a reference for one to remember his name. Natural preferences say something about your business. Your name card should say something about your self and business. 

What You Should Include in Your Name Card 

Take note of what you should include in your name card. Include information like contact information, job title, and name. You can make a useful card as you appreciate a subtle. Include your tagline and logo as part of your brand extension. Add your name on the card, with relevant information.  

Let the job title properly describe the exact service you offer. Do not add a generic item. Include the job that people will tell you to do. 

Settings On Adobe Illustrator 

First set the colour of the file and there are 2 options, CMYK or RGB. For this printing you can choose CMYK. If your card's shape is circle, square or rectangle, the shape can define the workspace measurement. You can make a name card fit into card trays and wallets. Note that the standard size is dependent on the country of reference. 

Size for UK 

The standard cut size is 13.35 x 2.17 in) 85 x 55 mm. Its bleed size is (3.58 x 2.40m) 91 by 61 mm. 

Size for US 

The standard cut size is 3.35 x 2.17 in) and the bleed size is 3.75 x 2.25 in) 95.25 by 57.15 mm. Create a setting for a new document in Adobe.

The settings are below:  

Set Raster Effects to 'High' and Colour mode to 'CMYK'. The above is for advanced options. For basic settings, set Document Presets to 'Print', width should be set to '55m' and Height at '85mm'. The orientation should be horizontal. The artboards should be 2 and the bleed should be right and left margins, bottom and top setting 3mm. This will give a red rectangular display across the canvas. If it is not visible, move to 'View' and then to 'Guides'. Tap on 'Show Guides' as a shortcut for this. 

Critical margin 

It should be 1/8" from a trim line. Add text and important graphics in the margin to avoid anything near the trim or edge. 

Trim area: shows where you can cut. 

Bleed area: This is 1/8" for each edge. Colour images and background can extend across. 

Cretial margin: is 1/8" starting from its trim line. Keep text and graphics in the margin to avoid anything close. 

Save the file often after setting, by tapping on 'File', 'Save As' and choose '.AI' extension. 

Select all and convert fonts and texts by tapping on 'Type' and then 'Create Outlines'. Tap on 'Save As' to save it as PDF. You can add 'print' to the file name and tap on 'save'. You can check out options like view PDF after you save. The bleeds have been set up, so do not change the settings. Tap OK when you are done. Your name card is ready for you to print. 

That's how to create and design a customised name card with Adobe Illustrator.