Building a brand involves much more than just a good logo. But with the logo development, a first and important step has been taken. 

Because your Logo is the figurehead of your company, it adorns not only your products but also your website, your brochures and your social media channels. In addition, the Logo offers many possibilities to convey the characteristics that your company stands for to the customer in a catchy way. 

Using the example of the startup Coffee-Up! We will show you how to develop the perfect logo for your company in 5 steps. 

#1 Determine Your Brand Essence 

What does your company stand for? How do you position yourself in the market? Which customers do you want to address? 

These questions are at the very beginning of the branding process - and for a good reason. Because nothing is more annoying than ending up with a nice logo that doesn't suit you at all. Sometimes companies approach us who have the feeling that their Logo is simply no longer consistent. 

This is completely normal because companies evolve and have to move with the times to remain relevant. 

  • Ask yourself: 
  • Who are we? 
  • What makes us 
  • Who do we want to address? 

#2 Find Your Logo Style 

Different logotypes result from the different combinations of text and picture elements. 

The extremes are pure wordmarks and pure figurative marks. While the eBay logo only consists of colored letters, Apple uses an image with the bitten apple that everyone associates with the company, even without words. 

Of course, your company logo design can also combine image and text elements in many ways: 

For example, the Pepsi logo has lettering under the graphic, the Starbucks logo has a sticker look, and the WWF advertises the famous panda mascot above its name. 

Which variant is right for you depends on the one hand on the core of your brand and the name and level of awareness of your company.