You may have seen a lot of platforms and website promoting mental health games, wallpapers and videos. They might positively affect your mental health, but on the other hand, it's also a well-known phenomenon that digital screens have also increased emotional, behavioural, and mental health problems, especially in children. So instead of sticking to digital screen wallpapers, it is way better to move toward the interior and real-life wallpaper sticker printing for mental well-being.  

The interior design of a place affects the atmosphere and mood of the people present there. But after the result of various researches showing that it affects a person's mental and physical well-being, it has become a matter of concern to select a perfect interior, design and colour for home, bedroom, offices etc., for a person, especially children.  

Colour Psychology: colour psychology refers to the study of colours as a determinant of human behaviour. It focuses on the effects of colours on your mood, feelings and emotions. A lot of researches have been done on the impact of colours on the human psyche and behaviour. Response to different colours is not universal, so it's also crucial to consider the child's relationship with a particular colour. The preferences also tend to change from time to time in childhood as compared to adulthood. You can decorate children's room with wallpapers having animals, trees, toys print on them to enhance their interest and make them comfortable in their room. So, it's better to have contrasted colour wallpaper rather than having a plain single-colour wall.