Here we will discuss colours, their effects and how to use them in a child's room.  

Green: green is vastly found in nature; that's why many people find green colour calming and refreshing. Due to the association between nature and green colour, green is mainly associated with good health, healing, natural remedies, and restoration. Green is also used to enhance reading ability. Using a green colour wallpaper with some cool sticker printing or using another colour as base and green objects can surely do its magic.  

Blue: blue is associated with peace, calm, and serenity because it is most widely found in nature and considered nature's colour – sea, sky. It is stated that blue often lowers your pulse rate and body temperature. Blue is also considered the coolest colour. People perceive the blue room as cooler when they are not that cool. But sometimes blue is said to evoke feelings of sadness and melancholy; that's why it's better to use the blue colour in contrast to another colour instead of using it in the entire room.   

Orange: orange is considered the happiest and most energetic colour, which gives warmth. It is the most popular colour among adult and children. It is also said that orange colour increases the brain's supply of oxygen, stimulating brain activity. Using wallpaper with the touch of orange can be a great source of producing energy, positivity and good vibes in the atmosphere.  

Pink: putting aside the cultural association of pink with femineity and girls, pink has excellent calming and soothing effects. The prison cell's interior is also painted pink for its calming and tranquillizing effects. Using pink with green in a wallpaper print can have calming effects and improve a child's concentration and attention span.