Your company needs a corporate name to communicate its message to the rest of the planet and the creators who would be in charge of doing so. Please don't leave it up to someone to figure out who you are and what you care for. Demonstrate a solid, cohesive brand identity like a professional business card printing.  

What Makes Up a Brand's Identity? 

Many of the style concepts we've spoken about are means of expressing brand identity. The following are examples of branding elements: 

  • Colors 
  • shape 
  • Fonts 
  • images 
  • voice 

These are the things that make up a brand's personality. The mortar that binds them together is how and when a brand utilizes them. How and where applies to the wording and tone used in the brand's document, it's packaging, and the social networking sites it uses - in other words, the brand's whole presentation to the public. It's not only about the color and font on their own; it's also about how they're paired on a certain form of packaging or a purposefully selected content.