How to Get the Best Results from DIY Stickers


You can make stickers for many purposes. Some people print stickers to get sold, some others use them as an alternative marketing tool. Some print them just for personal use. Since stickers are easy to produce, you can simply make them on your own at home with your office printer. To get the best results, follow these steps and tips all the way until the end.


1. Choose a type of paper

Stickers are printed on a certain type of paper. Usually, you can choose between paper or vinyl paper.


As you probably have guessed, the paper material is cheaper than vinyl. If you want to make a sleeve, personalized name tag, photo stickers, or others, then the paper is a good option.

There are still several types of papers that you can choose for making stickers, such as Avery labels or sticker paper that can be readily bought for instant printing from home. You can also find pre-cut stickers so you don't have to do it yourself, shaping round, oval, square, or rectangular. These sticker papers are also great for your online shop packaging, homemade goods, and others. If you buy whole sheets, then you have to do the cutting on your own. Don't worry, though, since it is paper, you can do it with a regular cutter. But if you want to be more precise, Cricut Machine is the tool that can greatly help you.

However, the cons of printing paper stickers are that they are not waterproof nor weatherproof.


The next type of paper is vinyl. Vinyl for sticker printing in Singapore is believed to be one of the best options due to its many advantages. Vinyl paper can be printed using inkjet printers at home and are great for bumper stickers and others. Different from a paper sticker, vinyl material can be waterproofed if you add a lamination finish or clear coating. So, the stickers that you make from vinyl material can be used outdoors and last quite well against the weather. However, since you make it at home, the vinyl stickers have less durability compared to professionally printed ones.


2. Choose a printer for your sticker

Once you have bought the paper for your sticker, then the next step that you have to do is get the right printer for it. Generally, you need inkjet printers for the best results if you want to print stickers from home. It is recommended to use a 4-colour inkjet printer with 1200 dpi print resolution to get the best outcomes.


3. Design

Of course, a sticker cannot be printed without a design. So, you have to come up with how you want your stickers to show. You can design the stickers however you want, surely. But there are certain rules that you should follow so that you can get the best outcome.


First, when you make the design of the sticker, make sure that you make it in CMYK colour instead of RGB, regardless of the design software you use. This will ensure accurate colour reproduction with the printer because the printer uses CMYK colours consisting of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.

As you design, it is better to avoid large solid-colour areas if you want to print with a home printer because the result won't be great. Otherwise, if you still want to use a large solid colour area, you need to print with Pantone colour that can ensure colour correctness and consistency. However, this is more expensive compared to using normal ink.