Track and analyze your results  

In order to determine the effectiveness of your influence marketing campaign, performance monitoring is required throughout the collaboration in order to be able to optimize your campaigns afterwards; starting with a pre-event campaign, measurements at milestones during the campaign and finally an analysis report at the end of the collaboration, according to the key performance indicators defined during the negotiation with the influencer, in relation to the brand’s objectives. 

If it is a visibility and acquisition campaign: growth in the number of subscribers, engagement rate, assessment of the sentiment of the audience, change in the number of visits to the brand’s website, on the destination page or in store, growth in the number of e-emails collected, number of messages received, number of leads generated, number of registrations, for example. If it is a conversion campaign: number of contents downloaded, number of sales made, turnover generated. 

How to initiate a lasting contact with an influencer?  

A brand may be tempted to collaborate with increasingly important influencers in order to maximize its results. However, there is also an interest in thinking about a long-term influence marketing campaign, in order to create a real proximity with a small number of influencers and thus retain their audience.

To make the brand-influencer relationship last, taking the time to get to know the influencer before making contact is essential to building trust; by observing its contents, “liking” them and sharing them when relevant. Collecting information about the influencer will also help personalize the contact to maximize the chances of a positive response.

Treat the influencer equally from the first contact, during the negotiation and during all exchanges, listen to his expectations, call on his expertise and knowledge of his community, value his creative proposals regarding the content to be created, honor the terms of the contract, offer fair compensation and share the content of the influencer even after the initial campaign, will encourage the influencer to keep in touch with your brand for future collaborations.  

Beyond the commercial partnerships with influencers that companies can set up to promote a product or service, influencers can sometimes spontaneously share content created by a brand. Here are 6 particularly effective techniques to encourage influencers to share your content and thus boost the performance of your publications to a new audience.

1.Mentions on social networks  

If your content is a useful, relevant and value-added resource for an influencer’s audience, mentioning their username will draw their attention and audience’s attention and potentially benefit from sharing.  

Analyze the profile of influential experts in your sector of activity, identify their interests, their favorite topics, the themes that engage their community and the type of content they regularly share will help you develop and produce content that is attractive, noticeable and shared by these influencers. You can then mention the intended influencer or send them a brief message informing them of the content created, so that they can read it and decide whether or not to share it with their community. 

2 - Publish articles as lists of influencers 

Collecting and compiling articles, including the publications of opinion leaders, to disseminate them as a list, is a good way to create content that they are likely to share.  

Influencers and opinion leaders naturally appreciate being put forward. Flattering this aspect of their personality can help draw their attention to your content, offer and brand. An article listing influencers according to their expertise, a given topic or a compilation of relevant influencer publications are contents that can be shared by the opinion leaders mentioned. 

Influencer management software that provides tools to measure influencer engagement will help you identify the authoritative ones in your sector. Once your content is published, the goal is to share it. Do not hesitate to share it on your networks by mentioning the influencers mentioned or to contact them live in order to establish a first contact, which may eventually lead to more significant partnerships.  

3- Ask influencers to contribute to your blog  

Asking an influencer to contribute to your blog by publishing an original article has many advantages. First, you add quality content to your blog that you won’t have to produce yourself and your audience will definitely appreciate. This type of content will also help to establish the credibility of your blog because if a leader of opinion publishes an article there, it is undoubtedly that he has some form of authority in his field. But one of the most interesting aspects of these contributions is probably the possibility that their authors share them with their network, thus offering you the opportunity to reach a whole new audience.  

To increase the likelihood that an influencer will agree to contribute to your blog, try to limit the workload you entrust to them. By interviewing him, for example, you will create quality content without him having to write it. 

4 - Share comments or quotes from influencers  

Including expert comments or quotes in your content is an effective strategy if you want to increase the credibility of your publications and diversify your sources of information. This allows readers to benefit from the views and advice of experts and thus assign greater value to your content.  

Try to integrate the comments of the experts interviewed into the body of your text to ensure fluidity. It is for example possible to place these quotations on a background of different color so that they stand out in your article. 

You can also use quotes from content already published by influencers to achieve similar results without having to over-solicit them. You just need to create a file to complete as you find quotes from experts relevant to your content.  

If you use this method, make sure to include a redirect link to the original text and don’t forget to notify the influencer who is the author you cited.

If you quote experts in your content that requires a form, such as e-books or reports, consider highlighting their contribution on your landing page. Ask them for a photo and cite them as a reference at the end of your article. They will appreciate the additional redirect link to their site or social networks, which in addition, will help convince visitors to download your content.  

5 - Organize a Q&A session  

By getting an influencer to spend half an hour answering your questions, you can expand your audience and improve brand recognition in a meaningful way.  

All you need to do is define the platform to use, find an opinion leader known for his expertise, develop a solid promotion plan to communicate around this Q&A session and reach the intended audience.