Holographic stickers are stickers that are disseminated on a material that has a great iridescent-like effect. They have a rainbow luster that offers a "holographic" backdrop when they are coated with ink. These stickers glare all the colors of the rainbow as they capture the light. 

Holographic stickers are made in the same way as many other stickers, aside from the iridescent-effect material on which the stickers are disseminated. The ink used is printed onto the exterior of the material, and then a sheet of translucent laminate is fused over the ink under high tension. This final coating assures that the sticker is exceptionally sturdy and resistant to water & sun. 

If you are looking forward to knowing how to make holographic stickers, this article has done justice in giving you the basic tips on how to do so. We will be looking at how they are made and how you can design awesome holographic stickers.  

The materials needed include; holographic sticker labels, black marker pen, pencil, and sharp scissors or knife. 

The holographic sticker has an outstanding coating that enables the ink to soak into the surface such that as it dries, it will not change. This is how they can ingest the dye. It will avoid this coating and stay on the exterior of the surface. Since the pigment ink will not work well, you can use the alcohol markers and pigment pens for dyeing. You can test with liquid ink and brushes if you intend to. 

If you settle on the type of image you intend to draw, it might be helpful to do a simple drawing on plain paper in advance, especially if you don't feel comfortable jumping straight in. 

Once you are done with the drawing, you might use a reverse tracing process to copy it over. Instead, you might want to do a light sketch on the holographic label by drawing a quick line using your pencil. If you mash too hard, the pencil lines will leave an incision. Then, go over the lines with a permanent marker until you are ready. Using a black permanent marker will fit it well visually. But you should probably play with multiple permanent colored markers to create a complete piece of artwork. 

The time it takes for it to dry properly is about 30 seconds, so please wait a couple of minutes to cut it off before removing the sticker. Now, it would make a glossy technique to remove the sticker. Starting the cut right at the low end of the scissors would help the film. Cut with long, flat, rounded cuts at an even distance from the drawing. After that, you are to turn the paper over. Now, you are done with the holographic sticker. Be rest assured that this technique will give you the best finish. This is how you make a perfect holographic sticker


Holographic stickers are flat, sticky labels providing the pictorial impression of a 3D image being enclosed. They are a swift and convenient way of promoting your brand. The steps outlined in this article will give you some essential tips on how to make good holographic stickers.