Besides that, one should start by learning how to handle the software. This is done by a nomenclature and an exploration of the different areas of the interface. Then, one should master how to customize the toolbars by knowing the usage conventions in the design tools and memorizing the shortcuts.

After that, we need to move to the design training of shapes and interfaces by creating workspaces, for example, adding effects and importing by editing vector elements. Once this is done, it is essential to master the optimization of your workflow with a sketch app training. 

Online Sketch Training: Why Master it?  

Intended for graphic designers, UX Designers working on Mac, sketch is an essential tool for their work. After a sketch training, participants must be able to produce responsive models and interactive prototypes. It is therefore necessary to follow this training not only for the apprehension of the specificities of the software, but also for its efficient production. The exercises given by the sketch training effectively allow the implementation of design system with sketch. 

Mastering sketch training is a necessary tool for exporting graphic elements. Collaboration with other developers is quite possible. The export and sharing of interactive prototypes are then feasible. This is why sketch training is useful to develop your talents in web design and graphic logo design