Nowadays, Android phones have larger and more beautiful screens. Why settle for banal static images when today it is very easy to install live wallpapers? And contrary to popular belief, these live wallpapers do not require too much battery! 

Personalize Your Smartphone With an Animated Wallpaper 

It's a fact. We spend countless hours staring at the screen of our smartphone, so it might as well be beautiful. Lucky for us, the Android platform offers a plethora of tools to help us spruce up our phone's main screen. 

Besides, a lot of us put a picture of a cat, a dog or our beloved relatives in the background. Far be it from me to pass judgment on this type of practice. But let's face it, not everyone wants to put a photo of their family in the background. 

If you fall into this category of people, you most certainly know how difficult it is to find a nice wallpaper. Fortunately, there are many applications on the Play Store, such as Zedge, which allow you to find a lot of high-quality images in a few seconds and for all styles (auto, abstract, landscape, nature, people, sport, games, etc.). 

These solutions seem attractive, but all that lacks a little bit life. But now, and fortunately, it is possible to do much better. To give dynamism to your Android desktop, the Google OS offers the Live Wallpaper feature. As its name suggests, this tool will allow you to display an animated image in the background. 

This type of customization has many advantages. Besides giving an impression of depth and movement to your desktop, some animations can react according to many factors (accelerometer, time, GPS etc.). 

The Best Live Wallpapers 

As you already know, Android is an open platform allowing all kinds of customization. If you don't like the live wallpapers that came with your phone, you can download more from the Play Store. 

Here is a little selection of live wallpapers made for Android mobiles. Please do not hesitate to share your opinion and your findings with us in the comments. 

Space Colony 

Without a doubt, this is one of the most beautiful science fiction wallpapers. This live wallpaper plunges us into a futuristic universe of great beauty. This app’s got many customization options. Space Colony is available on the Google app store. 

Pixel Rain Live 

The concept may seem basic but the rendering is really magnificent. Once installed on your phone, small multi-coloured raindrops will sweep over your screen. Note that it is possible to configure their sizes as well as their numbers. Download Pixel Rain Live from the Play Store and enjoy!  

My Log Home 3D 

Let’s end this little selection with a very realistic 3D wallpaper: My Log Home 3D. This entirely customizable live wallpaper will offer you a fascinating immersion in a little house in the countryside. Rural atmosphere guaranteed: a rocking chair, Fireplace, wooden staircase… nothing is missing! And the paid version allows you to display additional parts.