One of the most common questions in search engine optimization is "How long does SEO take?". However, it is not so easy to answer how long it takes for your website to land in the coveted top places in the Google ranking.  

However, various factors can significantly contribute to the SEO duration and the ranking success of the desired website. In this blog article, we explain what these are and how you can avoid typical mistakes. 

The Indexing Time 

For a website to end up in the search results, it must first be indexed. So-called "crawlers" are used for indexing, bots that use links to fight their way through the vast number of websites on the Internet, analyze the content found, and report the results back to Google.  

Subsequently, algorithms then sort the indexed web pages based on the relevance for specific keywords and determine the ranking in the search results for these keywords. To accelerate the indexing of your website with the help of clean indexing management and control via the robots.txt, you have various options: 

Submitting a Request for Indexing 

Google provides website operators with various options for requesting indexing. The only requirement is a free Google account, but it is not guaranteed how long indexing will take. 

Entering a Website With the Google Search Console 

With the help of the Search Console, you can monitor the performance of your own website and enter your own sitemap, which is then crawled by the search engine. This process can take up to 24 hours and is limited to ten URLs per month. 

Fulfill general SEO criteria. Another point you can increase the frequency with which bots crawl your website through various aspects of your SEO strategy. Suppose you want to see your page as high up in the search results as possible, in addition to the proper keyword selection and the creation of high-quality content. In that case, other factors must be right, all of which are related to how long your SEO measures need to be effective.