The Ranking Time 

As crucial as indexing is for your visibility - it is of little use if the website ends up on the bottom pages of the search results. As you probably know, your goal is to get to the top positions in the organic search results with the website.  

There are many SEO myths entwined with this, and each one tells a slightly different story about how exactly the positioning in the Google ranking comes about. One faction claims that newly indexed websites would rank particularly well because they are tested in this way (newbie bonus).  

However, the other faction claims that Google initially distrusts new websites and puts them back in the ranking until they have proven themselves (sandbox principle). However, after various changes to the algorithm, there is more confusion about the ranking than ever before.  

Ahref carried out a study in 2017 that showed how much time it takes on average for a website to get a good ranking on Google. 

To do this, they analyzed how old the top rankings for any two million keywords were and concluded that the average top 10 search result is more than two years old. Just 22 percent of the search results in the top 10 are less than a year old.