High-quality custom logo rubber stamps are available in Singapore. These stamps are often used by most firms in Singapore because of their relevance. Not only can these stamps be used for trademarks and small business branding, but they can also be used for personalized packaging, DIY designs, special occasions, and several others. All you need to do is to upload your artwork and begin stamping. We will look at how to make a custom logo rubber stamp in Singapore in this article.  

You can create your own personalized logo rubber stamp using a graphic upload by following these basic steps below. 

Step 1: Choose the Type of Stamp You Want  

Rubber Stamps is a great place to start. For a blank modeling canvas, go to Stamps, then Custom Stamps.  


Go to the Stamps of your choice. Then, click Logo Stamps if you intend on creating templates. 

Step 2: Locate the Stamp Mount of Your Choice  

Click "View Product" after you have found the stamp size and mount you want. After that, press "Customize" and enter the desired quantity.  

Step 3: Choose a Customization Template  

Select the template you want to work with. Every stamp will have different options; this listing includes a graphic and text template, a graphic and arc text template, a graphic only template, and a completely blank template. 

Step 4: Insert Your Image  

Add your logo or a graphic of your choice. Select the graphics tab from the drop-down menu; click "Change Picture" if your template already has a graphic placeholder. If there isn't a graphic placeholder, press "Add New Graphic" first.  

Look for your file wherever it's been saved. For the upload to be successful, the file must be in the following formats: JPG, PNG, EPS, SVG, or PDF. The final stamp impression will be of higher quality if your picture is of higher quality. Your image will automatically be converted to the monochrome black and white format used to create a stamp impression.  

Step 5: Make Editions on Your Graphic 

Make the necessary changes to your graphic to achieve the desired stamp impression. By clicking and dragging the blue squares on the mounting area, you can shift the picture around and change its size. Click "Edit Effects" to adjust the level of darkness/crispness in your graphic. After that, slide the Threshold Value down to make the picture darker and up to make it brighter. 

Step 6: Add Text, Arc Text, and Ink Color 

The final step. Ensure you add text, arc text, and ink colors to your custom rubber stamp. If you don't add any of these, your custom logo rubber stamp is not complete. 

After going through this article, I assume you must have known the basics of how you can make custom logo rubber stamps. Creating your own personalized rubber stamp is very easy. All you need to do is select from a range of self inking stamp, traditional, or pre-inked mounts for whatever application you have in mind and get stamping done immediately.