On demand printing is an activity that can be launched without a large investment and that has many advantages such as automated order management and no stock management. You may already have a lot of ideas in mind. You can imagine your ideal shop and the different products you can offer your customers. However, one of the most important questions that you probably have already asked yourself: how to make designs for your on demand printing business? 

You are not a graphic designer and you may never have created a design in your whole life. However, your entire business will revolve around these designs! You will have to be able to find a style, a particular image that will set you apart from the competition. To do this, you have two options. You can create the designs yourself by training yourself properly, or delegate this aspect if you are not comfortable with making your own designs.  

These two ways of doing things are both possible and the decision is made according to the amount of time you are willing to invest in your project, as well as the financial means you can allocate. We will outline both methods so that you can make the appropriate choice based on your possibilities and goals. 

Making Your Own Designs 

The first option available to you is therefore to make the different designs that will be found on your products, by yourself. This option is generally preferred by designers or entrepreneurs who have very little financial means and who cannot call on suppliers to delegate this task.  

It is also possible that you simply do not want to delegate this task, which you feel is very important for your business. If you already have designs in mind and are afraid of being disappointed by the work of another person, then you will probably prefer to fend for yourself and make your own unique logo design

As such, two elements will be essential to your journey towards making your own designs: good training and the right tools.  

How Do You Train?  

You are not a graphic designer and do not intend to embark on a training of several years in order to obtain a graphic designer degree. You simply want to be competent enough to develop the designs that you have in mind and that you want to see them appear everywhere on your products and your shop.  

So How Do You Create Your Own Designs? 

We advise you to get adequate training using all the tools we have at our disposal today. Nowadays, knowledge is everywhere and with the right attitude you can learn everything you want. For example, did you know that MIT courses are available online, and available to everyone for free? We live in a wonderful era where knowledge is very accessible, we must therefore seize the opportunity. 

Where can you find information and knowledge about graphic design? You can start by searching for tutorials on YouTube or blogs on the subject. Otherwise, training platforms offer you courses at attractive prices, or even free of charge. 

You can for example take a look at Udemy who has a large number of trainings on various topics. Otherwise, the ideal option would be to take courses on Open classrooms. This site provides, free of charge, comprehensive training programs, to anyone wishing to acquire new knowledge. You can even get a diploma.

This type of platform is ideal for entrepreneurs wishing to expand their field of expertise.