In the modern era in which we live, many people think that name cards are unnecessary or out of fashion; however, this kind of card is often very useful and can make a good impression if they are well done. 

When it comes to materials, most people tend to think that card stock or paper are the best choices for creating a card, especially because they make it easy to adapt to a wide variety of designs, patterns, and sizes. 

When creating a name card, it is valid to break some rules, especially when looking to innovate and differentiate from others. Plastic, such as BOPP, are materials that are not taken into account when creating a name card. 

However, in recent years, thanks to the growing popularity of BOPP in the sticker printing industry, a trend is developing to use it in stickers during the creation of this kind of card. 

Stickers offer some advantages that other materials do not, especially holographic stickers, which add personality and a lot of creativity, without ever losing the professional style that a card should have. 

What is a Holographic Sticker And How is it Manufactured? 

A holographic sticker printing is a transparent sticker that has a printed design that produces an iridescent effect or also known as a rainbow effect. Despite what many people may believe, the manufacturing of this kind of stickers is not very different from the manufacturing process of conventional stickers. 

However, during the manufacturing process, the plastic is molded in such a way that a textured surface is created, which is so thin that it cannot be perceived by touch. Then, several layers of colors are applied to the textured surface, which, when they come into contact with light, diffract and cause a rainbow effect on the material.