Inks are part of a stamping process. They are applied on rubber stamps when inking. There are certain recipes for making inks. This post tells you how to make ink for rubber stamps. 

Reinking a Dye Based Ink pad 

A reinker is used on an ink pad. 

You can pick from various reinkers. Reinking is applicable to a dye based ink pad. 

Ink Recipe Using Dyes 

You can mix ink pads with liquid water colour to get a desired content and then drip it on the ink pad. If it is for adult stampers, add a drop of glycerine to up to two drops of liquid water colour. Mix it to attain the relevant colour and then apply it to the ink pad. If the ink pad stamps are juicy or splotchy leave it uncovered for some hours and then test stamp it. This will let the excess water inside the water colour to undergo evaporation. 

Embossing Inks 

You can use glycerin for this with a reinker.  

Ink Refresher 

Fill up a spray bottle 40z using water. Add a tablespoon of glycerin. Shake it and spray it on a dye ink pad that's dried out. 

Chalk Ink 

Ingredients for this are chalk pastels and distilled water or drug store. Add Isopropyl Alcohol inside a spray bottle. Spray some distilled water or alcohol on a scribble and teflon mate and choose colours of pastel chalks that match with the inkpad you want to reink. You can make ink or consistent slurry with this. Sop up the ink with a chalk ink pad. 

Dye Ink Pads 

The items for this are a shallow container like clamshell packing. Something like 2 lids that can contain in common rubber stamp tapestry. 

Cut out the felt and then use relevant ink to ink up. This is awesome for making ombre inks and custom rainbows. Add reinkers into a baby wipe. 

Pigment Ink 

The items for this are spatula or palette knife, glycerin and gouache. Take a dab of gouache of the size of a pea blueberry and add up to 5 drops of glycerin. Then mix it well using a pallet knife and then add it to make the pigment ink pad dry. When the ink becomes too thick, use drugstore alcohol or distilled water. Apply Pearl Ex or metallic gouache for metallic ink. 

Making Pearl-Ex Ink Pads 

Items for this are glycerin and Pearl Ex mica powder. Use 1/2 teaspoon of powder pigment to an ink pad. Drop up to 10 drops of glycerin above it. Spread it out using an old gift card. If it feels like drizzling spirtz using alcohol. 

Staz-On Ink Refresher (ink pads for alcohol) 

The item for this is denatured alcohol. Add sticky or dry stazon pad. Add up to 15 drops and then sit for an hour before making use of it. The ink can dry up faster. If you use up the ink pad, it will result in a faint impression. You can alternate Denatured alcohol and Staz-On Reinkers since using excessive reinker on a pad can make it sticky. Revive the dried up alcohol parts with denatured alcohol. Avoid spraying the denatured alcohol. 

These tips will enable to produce the ink yourself.