How to Make a Logo Design for Singapore Brands


All brands that want to survive must have a great logo.

If you are a brand owner who hasn't gotten a logo for your brand, then this is the time to start thinking about it.

You probably have heard that making a logo is difficult. But apparently, there are easier ways to do it now.

But still, you need to pay attention to the details and make sure that the logo can deliver what you want to convey to your target audience.

In order to make a good font, here are some tips to remember.


1. Try conceptual icons

A logo design in Singapore does not always have to show your product literally. Take a look at Nike's logo. They sell sports apparel, however, their logo does not show any of their products. Instead, their "swoosh" icon is the one that is used and made the brand the way it is now. It is because this example of a conceptual icon for a logo shows movement and speed, which is very suitable for a sportswear brand. This logo is great because it creates an underlying impression, and also very simple to put on any product as well as medium.


2. Make the most of the space you have

Aside from only using an icon for your logo design, you can also consider adding your brand name or tagline, making use of the available space. However, don't go overboard. Keep it simple and compact as much as possible and ensure clarity with all the elements included.


3. Explore font styles and typography

The font chosen for your logo design is very important. Do not feel satisfied too quickly when you think one fits your logo. Try other fonts and see if there are any alternatives that might look better for the logo. Also, you can try using all caps, combination with lowercase, or even all lowercase. Playing around and exploring these balances can give you a better idea of how to design your logo better and as authentic as possible.


4. Pay attention to hierarchy and balance

If you include an icon, brand name, as well as tagline for your logo design, then you must ensure that there is a good balance between the three of them. In order to do this, you must understand hierarchy. Of course, the brand name must be the biggest and become the focal point. And make sure that the tagline is smaller so that it does not overpower the main point of your design.


5. Add white space

Leaving some empty area on your logo especially if it has borders is important. It will make your design look less cramped and more compact instead. Without enough breathing room, a logo won't be pleasant to look at, and it might not be able to give off the kind of impression you want on your customers.


6. Colour contrast

Of course, a logo should come in a variety of colours. These colours, however, should have a nice contrast so that all elements incorporated into it can be seen easily. The basic you have to understand is putting light background for dark-coloured icon or text, and vice versa.