Canva is one of the softwares for making name cards. You can use it to design a unique name card, using drag and drop, even you are not used to graphic design. This post tells you how to make name cards with Canva. 

Steps to Design Name Cards with Canvas 

One: Launch the Canva App 

You can launch this application on your mobile or desktop. If you are new to this application, sign up with a Google account or Facebook. If you are not a new user, login and select design type for name cards by tapping the 'name tag' option. 

Two: Pick a Template 

This is the next thing to do. Go through Canva's wide templates for each theme and style. You can stick with a classic design or colourful layout. Tap on the template you wish and begin the design. 

Three: Browse Canva Features

Get all the elements required in a place. These include other graphics, images, drag and drop icons in to library of designed elements. Add filters and features for photo effects. 

Four: Personalise the Card 

You can customise design with images or artwork. Try out font style, background and colour scheme. Match and mix graphics with various templates. 

Five: Download and Then Print 

Once you are done, save the design in PNG, JPG or PDF. You can order prints of high quality in the design with Canva Print. You can go back and make changes in the design. 

Why use Canva for name cards? 

Make Catchy Cards with Canva 

With Canva you can make custom name cards, that you can recommend to your guests. You can upload photographs of people organising the events and give them name cards. You can create a theme with Canva and select from a million choices. Canva has images of the hosting cities that shows business philosophy. However if you don't want to select pictures from the library, tap a photo and then upload it. 

Create Name Cards Reflecting Your Brand 

With Canva you can make name cards that reflect on your brand image. You can add your company logo, drag and drop it where you wish it to be. After you upload it the image will be in the folder for uploads and you can use it for other designs. Colours and fonts can be changed to reflect on the image of your brand. There are up to 100 fonts for you to select from. Select script fonts that have sans serif or hand written feel to give a minimalist look.  

Share, save and print 

You can print, save and share your names among colleagues, friends and family. You can share them with the person you wish. Canva enables you to reach out to colleagues, friends and family. Tap on the email and share button to share your name cards on Twitter or Facebook. Pick files in various formats like PNG, JPEG or PDF. Each of the formats give you a clear and crisp printouts. 

What's the Size of Name Cards in Canva? 

A standard name card size is 4 by 3 inches. It is the typical size used in daily events and conference. The tag size for evening events is 3.5 by 2.25 inches. Ensure that you pick the appropriate size that fits other information, your title and logo.