Arranging for meetings involve getting relevant words for an event and it includes materials, reservations and planning. You can make table name cards for this with Microsoft Word. This kind of card is also called table tents or seating cards and it has a standard size, offering a customisable and quick way that takes guests to their tables. 

If the person is using a paper of 8.5 by 11 inch, it is a common choice that does not handle custom papers for name cards. You can change the paper size and tap on 'Page Layout'. It is preferable to print on card stock but the paper can glue to the material for making tent. 

If you are making a name card that has double sides for table seekers, tap on the text box with the name of the table on it. Tap 'C' and 'Ctrl' keys together so as to copy its box. Press the 'V' and 'Ctrl' keys and paste the copy, drag to its place above the page. The text is not facing the right way. However the green box is above the text box. 

When you see the rotate symbol at the cursor, twirl it at 180° to flip around the text box. Its appearance will be upside down on the page of MS Word, however there is a text box that faces both directions, this is ideal when folding the page down its middle, then place it in form of a tent on its table.

MS Word is one of the softwares you can use to create a  name card. It offers a platform for working online and offline. 

Open Word 

Open Microsoft Word and then tap on the tab for 'Page Layout'. Click the button for 'Orientation'. Tap on 'Word' and 'Landscape' and adjust the page to a landscape view. 

Drawing text box 

Tap on 'Inset' tap and click on the button for text box. Tap on the 'Draw Text Box'. When you see a '+' sign, draw its text box under half of its page. The space under will let the card get folded. 

Add a Name On the Text Box 

Tap inside a text box and type the person's name on the table. Example 'A' or 'Table'. 

Change to The Desired Font 

Highlight its text and tap on 'Home tab'. Change its font and tap on the font menu and pick a font. Tap the menu for 'Font size' and highlight text. Increase the size of the font till the text carries all the text box without moving over to another line or hyphenating.  

Save It 

After this tap on the 'File' and tap on 'Save As'. Insert the file of the card document and tap on 'Save' button.