Digital wallpapers are taking over the world because of their versatility, colorfulness, variety, and easy-to-use ability. But the most important feature of using a digital wallpaper is that you can have any design or print of your choice on your wall. But sometimes, when you buy a digital wallpaper from a shop or market which was already printed in bulk, you may not like a specific color or pattern in your wallpaper, or the material of the sheet is not of your choice. Many platforms and websites have introduced the feature of online designing your wallpaper with your personalized wall’s width and length and with the material of your own choice To overcome this problem. They provide options to select, and you can see an online preview of how your room is going to look with that specific sticker printing design.   

Here is how you can make and check an online preview of your personalized digital wallpaper:  

 Measure up: the first and the most important thing is to measure the width and height of the walls using a measuring tape. Take measurements cautiously. Make sure your measuring tape is not faulty to avoid getting mismeasurement. After you have measured the width and height of your walls, add 8 cm to them. It will give you an extra 4cm of a wallpaper at each side to trim off after installing wallpaper and after making sure that your walls are completely covered.