Choose the dimensions for the wallpaper: websites that provide service to create your wallpaper will provide you with boxes to enter your wall’s width and height. After adding the dimensions choose the roll width option. Wallpapers are printed over several drops, so you can also select your desired width for the piece. After selecting the width for drops, you can upload your picture, which you want to print on the wallpaper. And can position it until you are satisfied. The heat printing process causes shrinkage in wallpaper sheets. So, while ordering for heat printing, remember to provide slightly large dimensions to make your wallpaper fit for your walls.  

Select the direction for the wallpaper: creating a personalized wallpaper allow you also to personalize your wallpaper in unique dimensions; for example, you will decide that the wallpaper design starts from left to right or right to left. These websites also provide an online preview option to make sure whether the design and direction look good or not before printing it.   

Select the material: you can also select the material for your wallpaper according to your preferences, design, location, temperature budget. All of them have their qualities and benefits. For example, if you live in a humid area, you need wallpaper with a material that can stand humidity. Or in rush areas, you need wallpaper with can be scrubbed.  

After creating your personalized sticker printing, you can get it print from a local shop. Websites which provide online wallpaper design creation service also sometimes provide printing and installation services. You can also order from them and can get your personalized digital wallpaper at your doorstep.