How to Make Unique Looking Name Cards


Printing just any name card is easy. But in Singapore, you need to have a name card that stands out from the rest. After all, this small tool is needed to increase brand awareness, market your brand, and of course, give people your contact information just in case they need to contact you.


Now, what makes a business card stand out? Read this article to know the aspects that you need to pay attention to.


1. Unique Size

If you want to make a unique name card, of course, you can't settle with a common sized or shaped one. These days, you can cut your name card into any shape with die-cutting. This will make your name card more memorable as the recipient get their hands on it.


What's most important when choosing a shape for your name card is that it needs to be able to reflect the business or brand that you are representing.


For example, if you work in a photo studio, you can have your name card cut in the shape of a camera.


2. An Attractive Minimalism Design

There is no need to make a too flashy design. For so many years, minimalism has always been the way to go. So, there you can say goodbye to the idea of using extravagant design elements, lavish embellishments, or others. Keep the design light, simple, yet eye-catching. It takes practice to be able to come up with something like this, so if you find it difficult, you can hire a graphic designer to help you with the design.


3. High-Quality Paper

The quality of the card that you use for printing your name card matters. Sure, you can choose to use thinner paper to save up some cost. But the result is surely not as impressive as thicker ones. The standard that people use is 14 pt. But you should try 16 pt or 17 pt in order to make a name card that stands out among the others. By choosing a thicker paper, not only that you will make a stronger impression, the name card will be more durable as well.


You can even be more creative and use other material for your name card, like plastic. Nevertheless, it is important to remember to adjust it to the available budget at the end of the day.


4. Versatility

A name card simply needs to be able to clearly provide people with your contact information. But if you want to make it stand out and turn it more impressive, you should try to make it more versatile. Since a name card can also be used for branding and marketing, you can turn your name card into a coupon, aside from being a regular card. With your name card, give out people special promotion for buying your product, and others. Adding QR code also will make it more engaging. If you need more space, make a name card with a fold. This surely also add a strong image and turn it more memorable.