The usage of layers is one of the defining features of a stunning graphic design. To create a good design, ensure that all the necessary elements needed are layered on one another. If you are thinking of making good graphic design, having a basic idea about these things will be helpful. There are a few requirements to be aware of before considering making wallpapers transparent in a design.  

This article will act as a guide to you if you are interested in making one. Also, I will be using the Canva app as a reference in this article because it's one of the best apps for this kind of work. 

Before going into the article's nitty-gritty, let's look at why you would need a graphic to have a transparent wallpaper. 

It's because transparent wallpaper images come in handy when layering images. Since an image with transparent wallpaper can be layered to create a beautiful and unique sticker printing design, you can add a watermark to your photos, create graphics, or even design print materials for your marketing plan.