Now, Let's Look At the Steps Involved in Making Wallpapers Transparent in a Digital Design; 

Download the Canvas app. After that, proceed by creating a project in Canva. This technique will work on any project, regardless of size or shape. Keep in mind that any elements you add to the design will be visible in the finished product. On top of the transparent wallpaper, any filled shapes, text, or photos will appear. If you use any element as the wallpaper of your design, no part of the design will remain transparent. 

When You Are Satisfied With Your Design, Follow These Steps to Get the Transparent Wallpaper File:  

1. From the pulldown menu in the top right corner of the workspace, choose Download.  

2. In the File Type pulldown menu, make sure PNG is selected.  

3. Select Transparent sticker printing and wallpaper by checking the box.  

4. Proceed by selecting "Download" from the drop-down menu.  

5. Then you are done. 

The Image On a Transparent wallpaper VS Image On a White Wallpaper 

Although an image on white background may appear the same in different applications, the difference is evident when the image is overlaid on another image. A transparent wallpaper image can be overlaid on another image to remove the distracting white wallpaper. 

Using an Image with a Transparent Wallpaper 

You can use a transparent wallpaper graphic to layer over other images once you are done creating it. Upload the image into the Canva app and ensure that you layer it on top of the other image or template you are using. 

After going through this article, you must have learned how to make wallpapers transparent in a design and why it's essential in a design. Having these basic ideas will give you an upper edge as a graphic artist professional. It concludes everything you need to know about making wallpapers transparent in a design.