It is safe to say that every business needs a marketing kit. Do you know what a marketing kit is? Yes, a marketing kit is an information package that usually consists of teaser flyers, brochures, and so on. The purpose of making a marketing kit is to act as the first bridge to open your lines of communication with potential customers. 

The first thing you will want to do is define who your customers are. This will help you to make your marketing kit easy to understand and attractive. The flow of information and its placement needs to be well made so that potential customers read the whole or the part that he/she needs. You also need to consider choosing the medium and material to support the reputation of your company. 

The content that you create in the marketing kit also needs to contain a problem for which you will present a solution. You must provide solution options that not only solve the problem but are also easy and affordable. The marketing kit needs to be made in such a way that the message is conveyed concisely, and clearly. This can be achieved by placing the information section and general issues first. Then proceed with various choices of solutions offered. 

The design of a marketing kit also affects the success of conveying information. A simple and attractive design will be much more preferable than an exaggerated and obscure design. Therefore, focus on delivering information first, then design follows the flow of information presented. This will make it easier for you to create a consumer-friendly marketing kit. In the sense that it is easy to "digest" and is interesting to look at further. 

Creating a marketing kit design that is simple, full of information, and engaging is not difficult. As long as you know who the marketing kit is going to be, then everything else will be easy. For example, you will create a brochure with the promotion of hair loss products. So you need to know in advance what age range in a demographic usually begins to experience loss. Or what lifestyle causes hair loss. 

After that, you analyse the behavioural age range and how it interacts with online and offline media. If you already know, then you will be able to create a brochure flow that is easy and attractive to read. Let say you would describe first what hair loss is and what causes it. Next, you also provide valid information about the proper treatment that needs to be done for the problem. Also mention how the solutions you offer can help them to regain their beautiful hair. Also include an illustrated image that will make your brochure more stands out. 

An organization or company needs to create a marketing kit and marketing campaign that is not only easy to understand, but also interesting. This will boost your engagement with potential customers. After this has been successfully carried out continuously with continuous improvement, the number of your loyal customers will continue to increase. Good luck!