The demand for rubber stamps has grown wider over the years globally, and Singapore is not excluded. The prices might vary slightly based on location; notwithstanding, we will walk you through the actual cost of stamps in Singapore in this article. 

It will be perfect if we start by taking a short tour of what a rubber stamp is. A custom rubber stamp is a tool for printing a design, signature, image, or logo onto a surface. Before this, some ink made of a special pigment is applied to an already carved structure for this printing purpose. 

Uses of a Custom Rubber Stamp 

The necessity of a stamp continues to increase with the growth of the human population. And it is deemed crucial in nearly all areas of life. 

Among all the functions of a rubber stamp, they are a great way to save time, and they help give important documents a professional look. It also is a unique way to help in branding. 

These uses vary depending on the intention of the user. It could either be for sealing documents, imprinting signature, proof of Payment, date stamping, and many more. 

It now helps us to push further to the various types of custom rubber stamps. 

Types of Rubber Stamps 

We will not look deep into this, but a sneak peek. 

Rubber stamps are classified mainly into two categories, namely: 

The Pre-inked rubber stamp and the self-inking rubber stamp are the two main categories. The self-inking rubber stamp could further be subclassified into water-based ink and oil-based ink. Some of the other types could be based on functions, and a few of them are monogram stamps, seal stamps, inspection stamps, wedding stamps, and bank stamps. 

Price of a custom rubber stamp. 

It's been a long journey down here, but here is the goodie bag! 

Some crucial factors that influence the prices of rubber stamps could be types, sizes, and stores of choice, and we are talking about these factors in the following few lines. 

The cost of Rubber stamps generally could start from $8 up to $40. 

Below is some price speculation of the self-inking rubber stamp: 

  • DF26 from $17 
  • DF35 from $20 
  • DF 2267 from $27 
  • DF 3267 from 33 
  • The S1 Diameter of 15mm is $20 
  • The S2 Diameter of 20mm is $25 
  • The S3 Diameter of 24mm is $28 
  • The S4 Diameter of 27mm is $30 

In some parts of Singapore, like the central region, the Northeastern region may have price ranges like $20-$30. While other parts like Bedok, Tampines, and Seletar always have their prices within $9- $35. Some other extreme places like the North region, East region, woodlands, and Sengkang have prices slightly different from others. 

Whether you have a company, an office, or a home library, the importance of a customised rubber stamp cannot be underestimated. 

An office, home, or company devoid of rubber stamps lacks major equipment. And it is as sacrosanct as anything you can ever think of. To a large extent, no office job is ever complete without the use of a stamp.