Now let us know how we can set a budget by following the steps 

1. Revenue Calculation 

Gross revenue is classified as revenue obtained even before exemptions or expenses such as rent, cost of goods, taxation, and so forth. 

The volume of profits expected for a specified period is referred to as average expenditure. 

If there is a significant difference, go for the lower number. You'll be stronger informed, erring on the side of caution with the numbers. 

This number should be memorized. You will need to work with your administrator or sales staff to find it out, but it is critical to decide your advertising budget. 

2. Determine Your Budget 

Consider allocating 12-20percent of the overall gross sales to marketing if the company is new, such as a startup or somewhere around five years of age. Which is more than existing businesses can delegate. 

You'll need to make a name and create interesting logo design about yourself and your product lines as a young and unseen player in the game. Advertising ought to be a primary priority for newly formed businesses. 

For most companies, online marketing budgets are a small portion of overall marketing investment.

Brands that rely more solely on the internet to generate income, such as an online marketplace, devote a larger portion of their advertising budget to virtual.