Almost every professional worker has a name card because it makes you look more professional. It is part of your personal branding. Do you want to make a good impression when someone sees their name card? Every business owner expects people are interested in what they offer when people see their name card. Everyone you meet can be potential customers. As a business owner, you have to think about how to make your name card attractive. Make your name card remembered by people. Do some of these things to make your name card more engaging. 

Double Side Printing 

Seeing one side name card can be lame, you can consider a double side name card. Print a double side name card means utilize every element in the card. Name card has size limits, by using both sides, you can freely enter additional information. You can also create more attractive designs without thinking about the small space. Put your basic information on the first side and more about your company or what you do on the other side. There is also another option, if you work bilingual, you can put your native language on one side, and the international language on the next side. 


A tagline will show the identity of your business. Don’t put too many words on your tagline, try to use less than six words. Choose significant words that describe the vision of your business. Combine those words into a fascinating sentence. The more iconic the tagline is, the easier it is for people to recognize. Your focus is to introduce your business to people with those short sentences. So make sure people can be attracted to your business by reading your tagline.