Quality determines the business itself. When it comes to business, make sure all the elements that connect are high-quality. Even it's just a small thing, people pay attention. It determines whether your business is worth it. A high-quality name card shows your sincerity to potential customers. Make a name card from good material and print them in high quality. Use a printing service that is experienced and has a good reputation. It is actually easy to find good printing services in Singapore. 

Call to Action 

The last thing you can add to your name card is a call to action. This thing is rarely applied by some companies, but you can try it, so your business looks unique and maybe more impressive. This is something worth trying. Call to action can help you to get more traffic. Make compelling persuasive sentences to make people are curious to find out more about your business. 

Name card is an old way to add connections and expand your business, but if you can be more creative and add new things to it, it can be useful to improve your business. Make people interested with your stunning and memorable name card. Apply those things above on your name card. This will show a good impression on your business.