Name Cards Can Save Lives 

You are probably wondering what name cards have to do with human rights defenders. Well, in many conflicts in countries such as Syria or Burma, these cards have been useful to protect the physical integrity of an NGO or UN staff member when they have been sent to assess a social conflict.  

There are many cases of people who have been saved from kidnapping, torture, or murder by violent groups, thanks to a name card. There are even stories of journalists who have been saved by one of these cards when they have been denouncing a human rights violation.  

While it is true that many violent groups and governments are capable of doing anything to keep their activities secret, the reality is that once they are informed about the presence of human rights defenders in their region, they often make an effort to change their image in the eyes of the international community.  

Hiding behind a facade is a defense mechanism that many violent groups often use against the work of human rights defenders. This kind of behavior has been portrayed throughout history in many dictatorships.  

What may be seen as a simple and unimportant accessory has become a very useful working tool to safeguard the lives of human rights defenders and legitimize their international work.  

A good name card printing is a tool that defenders have, to tell the bad guys, and on behalf of important NGOs or institutions such as the UN, that their struggle continues and that they will not rest until they guarantee the dignified life that any person in the world deserves.