The phone wallpaper is a part of the appearance components of a phone. It is also the first thing that we see when we turn its screen on. So, it tends to affect our mood when we see it. 

The phone wallpapers that we choose can reflect our mood at the time we choose which wallpaper to be set, and also our personality. 

So, do you want to reveal more about your personality or other people's personalities from the phone wallpapers they set on the screen? Keep reading this article then. 

People's Personalities Based on Their Phone Wallpapers 

1. Colors Choice 

The color that dominates the wallpaper can reveal the owner's personality. If the wallpaper has bright colors, it means that the person is energetic and fun. They always try to look at the bright side of everything. 

A person who tends to choose more calm colors like pastels, the person is easy-going and doesn't like to get in a rush. This kind of color is mostly used by females. 

While those who love darker colors like black for their wallpapers tend to seek control. They want to have power over something. But it can also indicate that they love art.